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 This site was very useful to me when looking for facts about Irish cocking. It had all the facts that I needed and the way it was laid up made it really easy for me to find exactly what I wanted. The site it self is an Irish travel guide, and because the whole site is devoted to spreading information about Ireland I find no reason to why I shouldn’t believe that the information is correct.

 On this site, I only used the poem about the Irish stew. I didn’t like how the web page looked and it hade more information about what the Irish used to eat, and I wanted to know what they eat now. One thing that I thought was good was that there was a recipe of a traditional Irish stew.

I think this site was great, it had very useful, relevant fact. It covered the four main questions I had about St.Patrick’s day. If I’m going to be picky, the texts could be a bit longer but other than that, there’s nothing to complain about.

I only needed this source to confirm what I already knew about leap year in Ireland. But what I liked pith this web page was that it had information about how the tradition started. has a lot of information about different weddings and that’s why the information is believable to me.

Out of all the sources I used, this was by far the best one. It was easy to navigate on, and had lots of facts. There were experts you could ask but you could also add stuff yourself, which made me a little bit suspicious, because I did not use Wikipedia because of that but all and all the information was relevant and the site serious so I decided to use the facts.



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