Okay, so I really had no idea how the South African food was going to be like, but it turned out to be like the rest of the country, inspired by many different cultures. It is hard to generalize but I will give it a try. The food here is very simple. Do not get me wrong, it is delicious, but similar to Swedish food there is not a lot of complicity around it. The food often consists of some kind of meat with a side dish of vegetables (again just like Swedish food). Different kind of stews often occurs as well. Braai is Afrikaans for “grilled meat” or just “barbeque” and there is a saying that you should never come between a man and his braai (there is definitely a similarity to Sweden).


But of course there is a lot of differences between the Swedish and South African cuisine, so if you feel like a daredevil, why not try crocodile sirloins, fried caterpillars or why not try the sheep head? All these dishes are supposed to taste very good, but since I have always been afraid of insects and don not like the thought of eating someone’s brain, I will not be trying that for long. But perhaps I should ask my host mom to make crocodile for dinner…?


But apart from certain restaurants with insects on their menu, there is a lot of “normal” restaurants as well, and just as in Sweden you will always find a pizza restaurant around the corner.


That’s all folks!





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