I noticed quickly that Jamaicans aren’t as ruled by time as Swedish people are. My first week on Jamaica I lived with a woman called Sofia and her family who had been kind to invite me into their home. I noticed the family’s life was very spontaneous in comparison to Swedes. It feels like in Sweden you put everything you are supposed to do in a schedule. If you are supposed to hang out with your friend you have to decide when they are coming, who’s coming and where you are supposed to meet. My host family was quite the opposite. When someone wanted to meet them they just stopped by the house or vice versa.

I must warn you people! If you meet someone new on Jamaica do not forget to address them with Mr., Mrs. or any title that fits the person. If you do not, it is considered extremely rude. It might feel a bit awkward in the beginning but you will get used to it.

Jamaicans both talk and laugh a lot, and when doing so, they do it loud! They don’t think about talking with, as we call it in Sweden, “small letters”. Not even when I sat on a five star restaurant no one was thinking about keeping their voices down like we do in Sweden. To me it felt like my company was screaming at me. So if you ever travel to Jamaica and feel like they are shouting at you, don’t be alarmed! They are probably not angry at you.


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