Can you have too much to eat? I think so!

I’ve been to a real Aussie-barbeque! A friend of the family turned 18 today, and we went to their house to celebrate her birthday, which meant I got to try a lot of traditional and common Australian dishes that I’ve never heard of before (and I can tell you there were not a single larvae to be found)! Sarah, the mom of the family, told me that the Australian food culture has a lot of influences, both from England, Italy, Germany, Asia and South Africa but also of course a lot of influences from the aboriginal culture, the culture of the original inhabitants of Australia. I got to try out all sorts of things, and since the Australians are very fond of barbeque, I’ve tried all sorts of meat you can think of! Amongst them was kangaroo (which was delicious and tasted almost like deer) even though it’s not commonly eaten in Australia, but the family had bought some just for me to try it!  I also had rattlesnake (which tasted almost nothing on its own, I had to drench it in sauce!) which was a bit scary at first, but I’m glad to be able to brag about trying it! I also tried out a sandwich with Vegemite on it, which is a very common thing to eat in Australia. Basically, it’s like Nutella, only very much saltier and with no taste of chocolate at all. I did like it though, but I think it will take some getting used to! Oh and then it was desserts… I mean, how can you NOT love desserts? There were so many cakes and cookies and biscuits and… I think I was in heaven for a while! Amongst my favorites was the pavlova, which is a meringue  cake covered in cream and with different toppings, and the lamingtons, which are sponge cakes covered in chocolate icing and cocoanut. Both of these desserts are widely popular all over Australia and New Zealand, and I really enjoyed them as well! To go with all this, most of the adults had beer or wine, and the younger ones had sodas or lemonade. I even got to try out a cup of Milo, which is a beverage similar to the Swedish O’boy. Over all it’s been an awesome day, and I’ve met so many new people! It’s getting really late here though, and tomorrow I’m following Jake to school to see what it’s like so I have to get to bed!

I’ll talk to you later!


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