Traditional food

When I camped on the beach one night I bumped in to a couple of men who were making a bonfire on the beach. I came up to talk to them and noticed they were grilling over the bonfire. I instantly became very interested in what Jamaicans like to eat and what traditional Jamaican food is. They told me the food a Jamaican eats consists of a lot of seafood such as fish and shrimps. But of course they eat other groceries like chicken and rice. You make your food from what you can find in the woods, fields and in the water. They told me part of the Jamaican population is vegetarian because they want to be one with nature. This aspiration is mostly a Rastafarian lifestyle. Jamaican food is influenced mostly by West-African and Indian food but it is also inspired by British, French, Spanish and Chinese cuisine. The men were cooking escovitch fish, a very common dish loved by most Jamaicans. When they were cooking the food they were not modest about using spices. I couldn’t imagine it would taste good. Though I was pleasantly surprised, the food was exquisite. The fish was spicy, no doubt about it, but not overwhelming. I have never tasted anything like it.

To drink they just passed around a bottle of rum. Since I felt that would be a bit strong for me I drank a Coca-Cola.

To say the least, Jamaican food is spicy! But do not be afraid of trying your way through the many dishes. I can promise you will find something in your taste.


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