Even though this site is created and written by a private person I believe this is a trust worthy source. My first reason for believing that is I don’t think anyone would want to sabotage a countries reputation by disparaging their food. So this isn’t a blog where anyone has written their personal opinion about Jamaica’s political position or in any way tries to angle anybody’s opinion about Jamaica as a country. My second reason for believing this is a trustworthy source is the fact that the founder of the site has put out a picture of herself and on the side of that she has written a little story about her interests in cooking ethnic food. Whether this information is true or not is discussable. It simply seems to be a blog where a private person who has a lot of knowledge about Jamaican food has written a few facts down. Also the information matches the fact that has been written on other sites.

I think this source is reliable. My first reason for believing this is that it looks like the person that has created this site has put a lot of time and effort in it. Though I am sure some of the information is wrong since there are a lot of countries that has been evaluated. For an example when you read about Sweden there is to me some information which I do not agree with. Maybe that is because I can’t look upon Swedish people as an outsider can. The information written on the site has been sent in by a private person who has been to the country or has information about it. Then a member of the site checks the credibility with at least two different sources.  One reason for why the source may not be reliable is that a person can search for information on the internet without knowing anything and send it in. Since the site only compares it with two sources I believe there is a lot false information posted on the site.

I believe this site is reliable since it looks like they have put a lot of effort in it. The information posted on this site is exactly the same as on other sites or blogs. A reason for why the information on this site may not be reliable is that I can’t find a person responsible for the site. No names or pictures has been put up to make me completely sure this information isn’t false.


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