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My uncle on my dad’s side re-located to live in Perth, Australia some 30 years ago and he has also been the one who has helped me out a lot with this assignment. Since he has been living the Australian life for quite some years now, I trust that the information I’ve been given is reliable. Though, of course, there are still differences in how people live their lives, and so is the case this time. I fully understand that the way of living I’ve gotten described to me is just one way of living in Australia, and that there are so many other ways of celebrating things, so many other foods to eat and so many other ways to behave.

I’ve found a lot of useful information from these pages, and after having controlled the facts I’ve used with several other sites on the web I can say that they are relatively reliable as well. I am still aware that it’s Wikipedia though, and that anyone can change the information. Therefore, I’ve tried matching the facts with other sites and asking my uncle about them, and everything I got out of it has shown to be true, or as true as something taken online can be. I think I can say that no matter what site we choose to take information from, we can never be 100% sure that everything that’s said is correct. But I’ve tried checking my statements as thoroughly as I can, so I’m hoping there are no errors in there.

This is the site from where I took the information to compose my blog post about Christmas in Australia. It might not look that very professional, but after checking the facts it gave about how Christmas is celebrated in Sweden (which was very accurate) I decided to trust that the facts it gave about celebrating Christmas in Australia were correct as well. It also states (at the end) that the information was composed by students from a school in Western Australia and, assuming the information actually is taken from the students, I believe it is correct. I am however aware that the way of celebrating Christmas that I’ve described is only one way of doing it, and that there are so many other traditions as well.

This is the site I used when looking for information about the etiquette and general behavior in Australia. After checking their article on etiquette in Sweden, I decided that it was reliable and chose to use the information I found on that site to compose my post about the etiquette in Australia. I am aware however, as with all the other sources, that errors might occur regardless of this.

A site that I found after just browsing around the web for a while. I am aware that it’s not that serious, and I haven’t taken it that seriously either. I only used it to search for whatever prejudices foreigners might have about us Swedes, mostly for fun and not for actual serious opinions.




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