Arriving at last!

After 24 hours of being on the move, I am finally here in Sydney, Australia! The travel here went pretty smoothly, though I almost missed my connection flight from Kuala Lumpur and here due to the first flight from Stockholm being delayed… But I did catch it after running like crazy towards the gate, and I could almost hear the tunes of Survivors “Eye of The Tiger” as I did so… Must have looked quite amusing! It wasn’t until I was on that flight that I started becoming nervous. What about the family I was going to live with? What if they really are the answer to all my prejudices about Aussies? What if they do eat larvae and snakes and crocodiles for dinner every day? If so is the case, I can only thank McDonald’s for keeping me alive… But of course, it turned out to be the sweetest family I have ever met! They greeted me at the airport, and then we drove the half hour drive that it takes from the Sydney Airport to their home, right by the coast. I can even see the famous Opera House from here! The family consists of the mom, the dad, their two sons (11 and 17) and their dog, and they’re just like any other family, not the larvae-eating cowboys I had imagined!


I am now all settled in, with my bags unpacked, and my first day here has been amazing! Due to the jetlag though, I haven’t been able to do that much yet because I am soooooo tired I think I will fall asleep with my head on the keyboard soon! But before I can go to sleep it’s dinner-time, so I have to leave!

I’ll talk to you guys soon again!



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